Masayuki Chiyo

Masayuki Chiyo:Guitar

grown up in large sound of records as a son of audio maniac mechanical technologist.

The music diversed from classic to jazz, which Masayuki in childhood felt as beautiful sound from heaven.

Masayuki started playing guitar at age of ten when his brother gave it to him. As playing a guitar, Masayuki started thinking passionately to play the sound of records that he was exposed to.

In 1979, Masayuki made a successful debut with "Mellow Guitar Vibration". He became a recognized top guitarist in Japanese music

scene, since then he has energetically produced many different genre of music every day. He produced the Ending theme of "Atsuhime"

the NHK TV series as his a representative work and created more than 1000 commercial, TV drama, and movie songs.

The crystal-clear sound of his guitar such that falling from heaven attracted many musicians and played in many tours with Mariya Takeuchi, Ryoko Moriyama, Sayuri Ishikawa and Yumiko Samejima. Last year, Masayki released his first solo album " Bouillon" as his 30yrs anniversary. The album includes a theme songs of popular NHK TV show of " Science Zero".

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Maiko Horisawa

Maiko Horisawa:Vocal

Maiko grew up by seeing her parents who slaves in the front of life and death in the medical field as a surgeon

In spite of her mother’s opposition, Maiko’s farther showed her the atomic‐bomb movie when she was even a little. It shocked her and averts her eyes.
She felt strong contradiction that the war is surely exists and it takes away millions of people’s lives in a moment; at the same time, there are people who are contributing to save people’s lives like her parents.

“People are killing each other when they are missing love…
If so, I do my best to send love to the world to prevent spreading out such a meaningless sadness.”

Maiko clearly made up her mind even she was young.

Already 30 years has past from the moment she decided to send love on her voice.
Maiko experienced to lose her voice but she overcome and made her dreams come true with the strong passion. It never ends.

Someday, her sound will be the sound of peace.
Then the world will be filled with love and always stays inside of people’s hearts.

The establishment of NPO”ART HUGS” is being applied in New York.

All members are composed of the artist. The slogan is ” hug your heart with the art!” which means the art delivers richness to mind, especially to people who suffers from several kinds of cruelty like a war, people in hospitalized, and the elderly.

This NPO is being assembled by the artists connected by the same will.
“Help people to get back their rich sensibility and real joy they originally gifted through the art.”
“The zest for living and the pleasure with mind to the world”

“Music is Mother Teresa” By Maiko Horisawa

Kunitachi College of Music, vocal music department - graduated
Fujiwara Opera Group - graduated
Experienced many solo concerts not only in Japan also overseas like NY.
Debut album marked 1st at the Kansai healing chart.
Her songs are used in the movie, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', also in other movies, TV dramas, and commercials.
In 2001, Maiko won the French embassy prize at J'aime chanter contest.
Maiko has been volunteered to sing at hospitals and nursing facilities as her life work.
Starting with the thing that her voice was not raised, original vocalism has developed spending ten years
Established "Maiko Horisawa Voice & Mental training school" in Shinagawa, Tokyo Japan.
Provided Lectures or corporate trainings at Okayama University, Rikkyo University, Recruit Co., Ltd and other places as a special teacher.
Released the book "Life will change when voice changes" and ranked 2nd at Amazon online book shop.

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